5 Creative Ideas to Make Your Easter Services Special

Kelly Belousov

February 24, 2020

Easter is a time of celebration and new life in Christ! Want to invite the whole community to experience what a new life found in Christ could be like? We’re sharing 5 creative ideas to make your Easter services special for the purpose of one thing: That people who are far from God would be brought close to Him. Let’s make church a fun, creative, meaningful, and powerful experience for everyone who walks through our doors.

  1. 1. Host a Family Photo booth!
    Who doesn’t want a professional picture taken on Easter when the whole family is looking “on point” in their Easter attire? You can find all of the equipment that we use for our photo booth on our Resources page here. And be on the lookout! Andrei will be releasing an article with the steps of how to set it all up and make it work!
  1. 2. Provide fun treats and coffee in the lobby!
    Whether you give away Easter candy, or donut holes and coffee, make the hang out time in the lobby even sweeter before and after the service with friends and family. Lifeway Church, for example, places these awesome white serving trays around their lobby filled with goodies for everyone to share.
  1. 3. Change up your worship motion backgrounds and lighting colors.
    Give your worship time a fresh look to help people engage and celebrate the victory of Jesus. Church Motion Graphics is our #1 go to place for motion backgrounds. These three packs are our favorite ones for Easter. You can purchase a whole pack for just $29 and transform the look and feel of your whole service. We love these bright vibrant colors for Easter! A lot of their packs come with a 5-minute countdown video with matching motion graphics, or even a creative worship/message bumper to kick off your service with!
    Marble Flow Pack
    Colored Smoke Pack
    Mountain Skies Pack
  1. 4. Share a special video.
    Share a video of a testimony from someone in your church whose life has been changed by Jesus. Check out this testimony video that we did here. Or another idea would be to share a creative video emphasizing the power of the cross. We love this video from Worship House Media.
  1. 5. Provide Colorful Easter Invitations!
    Make inviting a friend to your services easy for people at your church! Post your graphic to social media, make printed invites available in your lobby for people to take home to put on their fridge to remind themselves about the service, or to make inviting a family member or a friend at work or at school super easy. We’ve included a FREE Easter Design Template available for download in Photoshop and InDesign HERE. Advertise if you’ll be having a photo booth or treats in the lobby to help your guests anticipate the fun and feel right at home. People are 90% more likely to come to a service when they receive a personal invitation. Whenever our church makes invitational cards, we always notice a 10% increase in attendance, whether we’re advertising a new message series or a special service. If you want to freshen up your worship guide, you can download our FREE Media Toolkit below for a fully customizable worship guide template in InDesign.

Have fun planning for Easter! Let us know if this article was helpful for you, and if it was, share with your church creative friends! Happy Easter!

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