A Beginner’s Guide to Church Graphic Design Series

Kelly Belousov

February 9, 2020

We’ve all seen graphics that draw us in and are truly inspirational. We’ve also all seen graphics that, well, have the opposite effect. What is it about some graphics that make them stand out and evoke a certain response or emotion? In this series of articles on church graphic design, we’re going to go through everything from the equipment and software we use, to the skills needed and how to develop your creative eye so that YOU can create designs that are meaningful and serve a greater purpose.

Graphic design is such a powerful and important tool in the church. One of my favorite things in being a full-time graphic designer in the church for the past number of years was developing message series graphics. I loved going to the creative meetings with our pastor and helping to create imagery and sometimes even message titles that would help to portray and display the concepts that were put on his heart from God for the church. What an honor we have as creatives to help communicate the word of God in the form of art.

Whenever I walk into those meetings or when I’m in the process of designing something, I’m always thinking through the lens of trying to connect with people’s hearts and emotions. What imagery will lead a person to think about a concept differently? What imagery will help them connect with the concepts that are being spoken? For example, every year after Easter, our church always does a message series on the Holy Spirit. For some people, that topic alone can be a real trigger depending on their church background. Our pastor wanted to communicate some pretty complex topics but in a very simple way. Because of this, he asked for the art direction and the visuals to be simple. He didn’t want a graphic that was ethereal or complex, he just wanted a super simple graphic that would help people’s minds subconsciously engage with the “simplicity” of the subject.

Visuals are powerful. They help subconsciously pull people into an experience. Visuals in a room always make you feel a certain way whether you realize it or not. You may walk into a dimly lit restaurant with nice soothing music quietly playing in the background and smell great food. This creates excitement and an atmosphere that is helping you to get ready to unwind and have a great time. On the contrary, you may walk into a gas station or convenience store that has bright incandescent daylight balanced bulbs that make your eyes twitch and has trash laying on the floor. This environment is preparing you to leave as soon as possible. The atmosphere is always preparing you to do something.

The heart behind church graphic design is simple. How can we help to prepare an environment visually that helps others engage with the message that is being spoken while also creating an atmosphere of connection and belonging through eye-catching and visually pleasing designs?

The Practicals

In this series on church graphic design, we want to give you practical hands-on tips that you can start using each week to enhance and grow your church graphic design. To start off, we’ve provided a complete list of resources on our website for you. This includes the equipment and software we use, along with all of our favorite places that we get our fonts, stock photography, templates, printing, and merch. To stay tuned to our series on church graphic design, click below to subscribe to our weekly Free Training Articles.

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