Complete Photography


Do you want to learn photography but have no clue where to start?

We’ve designed a COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE to take you all the way from knowing nothing about photography to becoming a professional photographer in a short amount of time! This course includes:
  • Complete guide to photography basics in manual mode
  • How to get correct exposure with aperture, ISO, and shutter speed
  • Complete guide to camera settings and focus
  • How to choose the right lens
  • Composition: rule of thirds, framing, layering, cropping, angles, and negative space
  • Complete guide to shooting indoor worship services: shooting in low light and photographing speakers, the worship team, and people worshiping in the auditorium
  • How to stage photos for website and social media content
  • Staging for ads and promotional print
  • Photographing special events
  • Complete guide to shooting outdoors: how to find the right light, choosing great backgrounds, and how to cover outdoor events
  • Complete guide to PORTRAIT SESSIONS. Posing for:
    • Individual male portrait sessions
    • Individual female portrait sessions
    • Couple Portrait sessions
    • Family Portrait sessions
    • Headshots and staff photos
  • Complete guide to culling photos in Photo Mechanic
  • Complete guide to editing photos in Lightroom